Bethany Chaney

Bethany Chaney 2018


Phone: 919-360-4346

Email: Email Bethany Chaney

Term Elected / Appointed:
May 6, 2014, November 3, 2015

Term Expires:
December 2019

Additional Contact Information:

217E Hillsborough Road
Carrboro, NC 27510


I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve Carrboro. We have some challenges ahead, including how to balance economic and environmental priorities while meeting diverse housing and commercial affordability needs. I’m interested in asking and working through the hard questions that will help ensure we’re an inclusive, diverse, and engaged community now and for the future.”


"Carrboro is a great place all around, but perhaps my favorite thing is that it’s home to the best music club in the country, and historically some of the best musicians, too. Can’t beat the wide range of culture this community has nurtured and that has nurtured all of us.

Bethany Chaney is a consultant providing strategic, program, and business planning services to non-profit organizations and foundations. She was elected to the Board of Aldermen in the May, 2014 special election, and her term expires in December, 2015. Prior to her election, Bethany served on the Carrboro Planning Board, including two years as chair. During her term she helped organize and facilitate a series of affordable housing dialogues and community zoning conversations. She now serves on the Board of Aldermen’s Affordable Housing Task Force, the Transit Partners Committee, and as Carrboro’s representative to the Board of Delegates for the Triangle J Council of Governments. Bethany grew up in Chapel Hill, is a graduate of Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (including Chapel Hill High School), and has lived in Carrboro since 2004. She holds a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA from Northeastern University. She is a past NC Arts Council Fellow and the recipient of the William Saroyan Society Centennial Prize for Non-Fiction. Her award-winning baskets are coiled from longleaf pine needles harvested from a Carrboro back yard.